A Mobile Solution for the Assessment Community

For information on our Mobile Assessment platform for your community:

Pictometry image technology offers an array of solutions for GIS professionals

View, Analyze, Assign, Complete

  • Work on or offline; data updates automatically on next wireless connection
  • Capture assessment data in the field eliminating re-keying which increases accuracy
  • Sketch capability
  • Tested and approved by field appraisers
  • View Pictometry intelligent orthogonal and oblique imagery using GPS location marker while displaying property detail
  • Automatically syncs with multiple users
  • Easy-to-use graphic interface results in consistent work flow
  • Pictures taken by assessor are easily added to parcel files
  • Touch screen allows for easy note taking along with keyboard and voice options
  • Fully customizable solution that integrates into existing CAMA system
Mobile Solutions

To learn more about EagleView solutions for assessment, visit www.eagleview.com
or www.pictometry.com