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Today, it is nearly impossible for assessment officers to conduct traditional on-site assessments or stay current with permits for new construction and demolition. That’s why organizations like the International Association of Assessing Officers have approved the use of oblique imagery -- but accuracy is key.

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When it Comes to Accuracy, We’ve Gone the Distance

GIS departments across the country provide the foundation for government services everywhere. Accuracy. Integration capabilities. Analytical and Mapping Capabilities. All of these things are essential to the GIS professional – and all are part of Pictometry’s solutions for GIS.

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Remove the Guesswork -- Know Before You Go

Instant recognition is crucial in emergency situations. That’s why Pictometry’s ability to show first responders a location -- before they arrive on scene -- is invaluable, especially when you consider the lives at stake.

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When it Comes to Innovation, Accuracy and Expertise, We’ve Gone the Distance.

Pictometry partners with Federal agencies and is continually building innovative solutions and tools for the future. From our work with the Department of Homeland Security to build a real-time image capture solution to our immediate response to natural disasters for emergency response agencies, Pictometry is always on the leading edge of building image-based solutions.

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Case Study

Enhancing Data Confidence

How A Forward-Thinking Energy Company Used Oblique Aerial Imagery To Improve Its Approach to Integrity Management


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