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Pictometry ChangeFinder


A Complete Change Detection Solution

ChangeFinder identifies and chronicles changes to a property (such as new construction, additions and demolition). The building outlines from the original orthogonal image are compared to more recent imagery. Changes are highlighted and classified as either: New, Changed, Possible Changed, Existing, Demolished or Unknown.

Commercial and residential property changes are ongoing. Buildings are demolished to make way for new structures. People are adding additions to their homes. New housing developments and retail establishments are being built. Often property changes are not reported which can have a big impact on tax valuation. Uncovering this type of information can be time consuming and expensive.

ChangeFinder Process
ChangeFinder's change detection solution creates GIS polygon “building outlines” for analysis of changes in size and shape. This technology can also compare existing building footprints to vector data created for the process of change detection. Changes are flagged for verification and analysis.

Pictometry ChangeFinder is a complete change detection solution that combines Pictometry® Electronic Field Study™, Pictometry® Change Analysis™ software and change candidate files. Used primarily by professionals in assessment, GIS and real property tax, ChangeFinder is a recognized resource for assessors across the country. Hundreds of thousands of dollars of taxable changes to properties have been discovered in jurisdictions all from the convenience of a computer.

ChangeFinder Benefits:

  • Reduce field visits and allocate staff resources more efficiently
  • View properties with restricted or difficult access
  • Capture previously undetected taxable property changes in a region
  • Increase tax revenue by ensuring all changes are recorded

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