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Introducing the Pictometry Property Hazard Report

The Pictometry Property Hazard Report available through Pictometry® Online, incorporates 3-D like aerial imagery, with highly accurate hazard data from CoreLogic® to evaluate properties for risk potential. The combination of imagery and hazard data enables insurers to:

  • Visualize potential flood risks relative to a parcel or structure
  • Easily access a wide range of data while viewing properties
  • Use measurement tools to assess the difference in elevation between a structure and another point on the image
  • Access a multitude of reports covering a variety of insurance risks from one source

Pictometry Online enables you to gather full visual information of properties and structures, quickly, easily, and accurately. Pictometry technologies streamline the process by enabling you to spend less time in the field, accelerate the time necessary to complete important paperwork and spend more time developing new business.


  • See and measure property details from the convenience of your computer
  • Access a wide range of natural hazard data for a property, covering a multitude of insurance risks including flood, earthquake and coastal surge.
  • Spend more time developing new business


  • Analyze, measure and document the claim site to develop accurate, detailed estimates
  • Efficiently prescreen submissions, audit existing books and review general liability exposures
  • Gather all the information and measurements you need for a 'scene inspection'

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