Pictometry® Integrations for Esri®

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Plan, Design And Manage Assets More Efficiently

Pictometry® Integrations for Esri® give GIS professionals the ability to apply highly accurate, real world visual context to property-centric, land based features within the Esri® ArcGIS solutions suite. Common GIS information is seamlessly overlaid onto high-resolution, data-rich aerial imagery that enables activities commonly requiring field visits to be performed directly from your desktop – saving time, reducing cost, and empowering the enterprise with consistent, accurate, and easily accessible imagery.

As an Esri® Silver Partner, Pictometry works closely with Esri® products to ensure an intuitive, user-friendly experience. This tight integration eliminates the cost and complexity of using 3rd party imagery data-sets by connecting users directly to professional-grade imagery through their Esri® platform. Utilizing Pictometry within Esri® product environments can help seamlessly blend GIS and real-world visualization into a single productive workflow.

Features & Benefits:

  • Instantly access Pictometry’s nationwide library of oblique and orthogonal imagery, featuring over 145 million images spanning the past 10 years, as well as accurate geo-spatial content, directly correlating to your area of interest
  • Intuitively bring geo-referenced imagery directly into your map space with a single click
  • Seamlessly overlay spatial data onto imagery featuring views from at least 5 angles for a more natural, real world view of field environments
  • Accurately measure details, including distance, height, areas, latitude and longitude coordinates, and directional bearing and relative positioning
  • Effectively verify and validate field conditions and assets, while reducing the need for site visits

Available Esri Integrations:

  • ArcGIS Server
  • ArcGIS Desktop