Pictometry® Server Edition™

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Hosting Solutions 

Server Edition™ (formerly Self Hosting) is an innovative web-based solution for customers who need to blend the ease of an online solution with the ability to host their own imagery for security or connectivity purposes.

Install Server Edition™ on your server and your organization can instantly begin to harness the power of Pictometry technology using just a web browser. A secure web administrative interface is included to help you manage users, map and GIS layers. With Server Edition™ you can:

  • Rapidly navigate and deploy large quantities of image data
  • View, Measure, Export and Navigate across the entire image library
  • Provide easy access to your GIS data

Server Edition™ was designed for easy deployment enterprise wide and includes a public facing interface. No client software is required, just a web browser for Internet or Intranet access. Server Edition™ is fully self-contained web application. No programming or plug-ins are required.

Server Edition™ combines the functionality, features, and benefits of our comprehensive suite of tools with the ability to exercise greater control over your connections, GIS data, and custom imagery.


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