Take the Guesswork out of Asset Management

Paper maps and other traditional tools have never had the ability to convey real-life field conditions, and visual verification by field crews has always been too slow, expensive and time-consuming for right-of-ways that can cover thousands of miles. Today, with increasing regulations and costs associated with inaccurate asset management, who can continue to afford the inaccuracies of traditional tools?

With Pictometry, you can capture every square foot of your transmission network in high-resolution dimensional detail. Eliminate discrepancies between actual field conditions and your maps and design data. Monitor the changing field conditions and potential encroachment issues along your right-of-way.

Pictometry captures in-depth visual intelligence about your distribution network and will transform the way you plan your field operations and manage your assets. Increase distribution engineering productivity by 7%, decrease job back-log by 11%, save dollars, and improve the quality of the end product.

See what’s really there. Trust accurate, image-based solutions from Pictometry.


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Case Study

Enhancing Data Confidence

How A Forward-Thinking Energy Company Used Oblique Aerial Imagery To Improve Its Approach to Integrity Management


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