Pictometry® CONNECTMobile™

Experience the recently updated CONNECTMobile application. First, we brought the field to your desktop. Now you can bring Pictometry with you wherever you go. Break free from your desk with Pictometry’s most versatile solution, the upgraded Pictometry CONNECTMobile app for iPad and iPhone iOS7.

Use CONNECTMobile to access PictometryOnline functionality on your iPhone or iPad to provide visualization, analysis and enhanced communication from the field.

The Pictometry® Connect Mobile™ app provides the visualization capability of Pictometry® Imagery with a simple interface to navigate, pan, and zoom.

Features include:

  • Access to Pictometry Intelligent Imagery in the field
  • Access to PictometryOnline tools for analysis of imagery in the field
  • Developed specifically for the iPad and iPhone iOS7
  • Geo-locator functionality
  • Measurement tools including distance, area, height, elevation, bearing, bearing
    difference and location
  • Easily identify parcels
  • Access GIS data
  • Export functions
  • Access to Connect Layers
  • Ability to view historic imagery

Pictometry CONNECTMobile

To learn more about the Pictometry® CONNECTMobile™ iPad and iPhone iOS7, visit this link and download for free in the App Store using search term Pictometry CONNECTMobile or contact us at 888-771-9714.

Compatible iPad 3 and above (Must be on iOS 7)
Compatible iPhone 4s and above (Must be on iOS 7)

Pictometry® Connect Mobile™ is available to Pictometry® Connect™ customers and eligible Pictometry Online customers. To see if you are eligible to access our new Connect Mobile™ app or if you have any additional questions, please contact your Pictometry® Representative at 888.771.9714