Pictometry® Sketch Check™

Sketch Check

Verify Your Sketch Data Quickly and Cost Effectively with Pictometry® Sketch Check

Validating sketches is essential to producing fair and equitable valuations, yet the sheer volume of sketches can make sketch verifications a daunting and time-consuming task. There’s a solution.

Pictometry Sketch Check takes your CAMA-based sketches and creates geo-referenced shape files that are compared with high-resolution orthogonal imagery. Any discrepancies between the images and the sketch are not only flagged but also categorized by degree of inconsistency. The result is a prioritization of the parcels that need attention, enabling you to achieve in months what might have taken you years.

Pictometry Sketch Check enables you to quickly and efficiently analyze your sketches, ensure fair and equitable property valuations, and share valuation GIS data with multiple departments including E9-1-1, zoning and planning.

Features & Benefits:

  • Remotely determine the accuracy of sketches in your CAMA system data
  • Dramatically reduce field visits, labor and fleet maintenance expenses
  • Boost tax base by adding missed property changes
  • Prioritize parcel review with our categorized scoring table
  • Reuse GIS shape files for E911, zoning & planning

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